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LoanBehold.com was started out of complete frustration. While trying to refinance his home mortgage, James Scott (founder and President of LoanBehold) tried using several online services that promised to contact a handfull of local lenders with a request for a mortgage rate quote. To his dismay, James quickly discovered that those online services were simply mortgage lead brokers in the business of selling mortgage lead information.

These lead brokers sold his information to other lead brokers, who all sold his information to dozens of mortgage brokers all over the country. James became painfully aware of the distribution of his personal information when his phone began ringing off the hook with persistant calls from mortgage brokers in all corners of the country. This began the confusing process of attempting to weed through mortgage offers—some legitimate; most not—and answering the same questions from every caller.

These calls continued for months as his information continued to circulate—long after James had closed on his mortgage with a local mortgage company referred by a friend.

This experience (and the horror stories of many others) was the inspiration for LoanBehold.com. The concept is a free mortgage referral and negotiation service where the customer submits one loan request and has a single point of contact with an expert mortgage advocate.

We take your loan request, present it to pre-screened mortgage lenders in your area, and allow them to bid on the loan with their best offer. We sift through the offers and present you with your best options. We can answer your questions as well as make recommendations and suggestions regarding different mortgage programs. Once you decide on your best option, you are free to contact the lender directly and close on your loan.

We have worked hard to put you in the "driver's seat" and make the process of getting a great mortgage as clear and simple as possible.

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